About Nantes and its region

pays de la loireThe Académie de Nantes is an academic district within the region Pays de la Loire located in western France. Pays de la Loire comprises of 5 diverse counties with large cities (Nantes, Angers, Le Mans), rural areas (Sarthe, Mayenne), and coastal areas (Loire-Atlantique, Vendée).




Academie de NantesWith more than 800,000 students and 4,000 schools, colleges, and universities, the Académie de Nantes is the 4th largest academic district in France. The education system is very important, as one in three inhabitants is under 25 years old. The success rate on high school exiting exams is above the national average. In 2013, the Académie de Nantes received the best exam results in France.

Learn more about the Académie de Nantes.



Seattle Channel, Nantes

Seattle Channel presents a video Seattle and Nantes becoming sister cities.






A baking and pastry student at the Art Institute of Seattle shares here experience of studying abroad in Nantes on this blog.

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